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At Stahl Stadt Kennel, we are focused on providing the best German Shepherd puppies and dogs possible. We are a small breeder of top-quality family/working dogs. Located in Pueblo, Colorado, we are dedicated to producing the "total dog." We breed for good health, soundness, stable temperament, intelligence, longevity, workability, and the love of this incredible and loyal breed. If you would like to adopt a German Shepherd puppy, contact us, and we'll be more than happy to discuss your options.

Great Care Goes Into Every Litter We Produce

We have carefully selected the dogs used in our breeding program. This includes choosing a proper mate for each of our dogs in order to produce the best quality puppies. To ensure the health of our female dogs, we never breed a female before two years of age.

Our dogs are German, Czech, Slovak, and DDR working line dogs. They are of sound body and mind and produce puppies with sound temperaments, solid nerves, clear heads, and solid structures. Our puppies are eager to please and are extremely trainable.

Our Puppies Receive the Best Care Possible

All of our puppies are hand delivered and raised in our home, so they receive daily handling and socialization. They are temperament tested and evaluated so we can better assist every family in getting a puppy or dog that best fits their lifestyle. We spend a great deal of time with each of our puppies in order to get to know them better as individuals.

Learn More about Temperament Testing

Temperament testing is done at a specific age. Using a specific series of events and tasks, we individually evaluate and score each puppy's responses. Based on the results, we're able to get a good idea of each puppy's personality and can determine how their personality will develop as they age. This is an important test to have done because it allows us to match puppies with the right owners.

Why Choose a Puppy from Us?

We believe quality dogs should be attainable by everyone, so we keep our prices reasonable. In addition, our adults are health screened and paired well for the best puppies possible. We also temperament test our puppies and get involved in the selection process. We provide lifetime support and a written warranty/purchase agreement with every puppy sold.